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Creating value through innovative exploration for Critical Metals in Australian frontier terrains

Our innovative tools and extensive database enable us to not only understand but also visualise mineral systems generating new opportunities throughout Australia.


Longreach Mineral Exploration

Longreach Mineral Exploration Pty Ltd (LME) is a subsidiary of Longreach Capital Investment Pty Ltd (LCI) based in Perth, Western Australia. LME leverages LCI’s extensive expertise and experience in petroleum exploration and geophysical imaging of the sub-surface to unlock mineral resources for exploration and development.

longreach mineral exploration team

Longreach Overview

Established in 2018, Longreach focuses on a risk and science-based approach to uncovering high-quality tier 1 copper and critical metal discoveries. Our group of companies has a proven track record of agility, innovation, and value capture through counter-cyclical market investments.

Where We Operate

Covering 80% of the underexplored Australian continent, LME employs a collaborative approach with governments, communities, research, and stakeholders to unlock mineral potential. Building strong relationships and addressing above-ground risks during project incubation are key priorities for us.

Unlocking Australia's hidden mineral resource potential

Our Strategic Advantage

LME’s strategy involves commercializing a novel mineral system targeting approach by leveraging our petroleum DNA in new mineral frontiers. Understanding large-scale geodynamic settings, including lithospheric architecture, is crucial in locating Tier 1 mineral districts. Our expertise in seismic geophysics, combined with overlaying multiple independent data in a 3D environment, sets us apart in the exploration industry.

Our Use of Technology Tools

We utilise cutting edge tools wherever possible in our exploration approach. sAIsmic® allows us to instantly stream all public-domain Australian seismic data direct to our desktops for viewing alongside, and integration with, other proprietary or public data. GeoClerk®, a groundbreaking geo-imagery search tool which utillises machine learning, allows us to efficiently and comprehensively search through critical historical and recent documents from government archives, the ASX® and in-house LME databases, greatly reducing the time spent mining data for valuable insights.

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