East Canning

East Canning Basin, Western Australia

LME’s East Canning Project is a new frontier terrane with evidence for long-lived lithospheric structures and is built on an extensive dataset extracted from the petroleum industry. Although the region has previously been extensively explored for oil and gas with 2814-line kilometres of legacy seismic and numerous petroleum wells drilled, LME has taken an early mover advantage and have collected anomalous pXRF copper values in the Lake Hevern 1 petroleum well featuring around 900m of 0.1% Cu. LME have modelled the extensive seismic integrated with existing geological and geophysical datasets to generate several targets in the tenure.


  • 325 km south of Halls Creek town, near Lake Mackay in the Great Sandy Desert, WA

Ground holding

  • 4059 Km2
    Resource authority: E80/5733, E80/5734, E80/5876, E80/5877, E80/5878, E80/5879, E80/5880


  • Base metals, Copper


  • 100% Longreach No.1 Pty Ltd (100% subsidiary of Longreach Mineral Exploration)

Project Status

  • 2022
    Multiple targets have been generated based on interpretation of seismic data integrated with existing geological and geophysical datasets.
    Grant of exploration permits and on-ground assessment of identified targets.
Figure 1. Location of LME’s East Canning tenement package and seismic line 82LH-52.
Figure 2. Re-processed legacy seismic line 82LH-52 with pseudo-relief showing the location of the Lake Hevern 1 petroleum well, stratigraphy and potential sources for the copper measured using pXRF.
Figure 3. Downhole copper values detected using a portable XRF device on 3m composite ditch cuttings.