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Longreach Mineral Exploration (Longreach) announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Emmerson Resources Limited (Emmerson), an ASX listed mineral exploration company focusing on gold and copper deposits. The strategic alliance will strengthen the commercial and technical collaboration between the two companies with the sharing of new technology aimed to fast-track discoveries of gold-copper projects in Australia.

The strategic alliance will comprise of Longreach utilising its experience of superior geophysical imaging of the sub surface in the oil and gas sector and applying this to mineral exploration to identify deeper targets. Together with Emmerson’s vast experience in copper-gold mining and successful track record of discoveries in the mineral industry, the strategic alliance brings a powerful partnership to the identification of new gold and copper opportunities.

The Sebastopol gold project in NSW is the first strategic alliance project to be drilled and is scheduled to be drill tested in 2020. Emmerson will remain the principal operator and manager of this exploration program, sharing the costs equally with Longreach.

Jan Ostby, Director of Longreach, said,

“We are very pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with Emmerson, a highly skilled and experienced mineral explorer. By applying geophysical, visualisation and machine learning techniques to the Australian mining industry, we expect to accelerate project generation and look forward to further success with Emmerson.”

Further Details

For more information, visit Longreach online at or contact us directly: [email protected]

About Longreach Mineral Exploration

Longreach Mineral Exploration Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Longreach Capital Investment Pty Ltd, based in Perth, Western Australia. Established in 2005, Longreach Capital Investment has earned a strong reputation in the global petroleum industry through the success of its numerous subsidiaries focused on oil and gas exploration, seismic services, and machine learning technologies.

Longreach Mineral Exploration focus on copper-gold exploration in Australia. The company has tenements and applications for mineral exploration permits in the Curnamona Province (NSW and SA), QLD and WA. Longreach’s strategy is to utilize its experience of superior geophysical imaging of the sub surface in the oil and gas sector and apply this to mineral exploration for identifying deeper targets.

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